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Frequently asked questions

What is Impactpool?

Impactpool is a career platform devoted to provide the best possible support to people who wants to pursue a career within mission-driven organizations. Our mission is to support highly-qualified and motivated individuals around the world, to help them grow professionally and have a successful career in organizations that contributes to a sustainable world.

Impactpool will be the world's largest talent pool for talents seeking a career at mission-driven organizations. All you have to do to join our global talent pool is to sign up for free and create a profile (See more under “How do I join the Impactpool?”).

Impactpool is a service proudly provided by INTALMA.

If you are representing an organisation, please find answers to common questions here.

How do I join the Impactpool?

It is completely free of charge to be a member of the Impactpool. To benefit from all services of the pool, you must:

  • Register and save a complete profile at,
  • To remain in the pool you must update your profile every six months and,
  • Agree that your online profile on Impactpool may be made visible for recruiters in our partner organizations. Discover which organizations Impactpool is currently working with.
  • If you forget to update your profile after 6 months you will still receive matching job alerts, but your profile will no longer be visible for organizations. We will send a reminder to update your profile before it become inactive.

    Note to members of UNjobfinder: Your profile will remain, same username and same password. It will just be transferred automatically into

What kind of services do Impactpool offer to someone looking for a job?

  • Job search: We are gathering vacancies from UN organizations, NGO’s, IGO’s, EU organizations and the Development Banks, making it possible to do a targeted search for vacancies that matches your experience and interest. The question “What is the best way to search for jobs?” describes in more details how to use our search engine.
  • Career Resources: Through our site we are also providing relevant career advice which will increase your chances of landing your dream job! To access all our career resources (articles, personal learning paths, tutorials etc) you should become an Impactpool Fellow and get access to personalised support.
  • Book a coach: You are also able to book individual career coaching sessions with our affiliated coaches who all are experts with many years of experience as Human Resources experts in many of the largest UN and International Organizations.

I found an interesting job, can I send my CV and application directly to you?

No, we do not handle any applications or CV’s yet. You will soon be able to create a complete profile searchable for potential hiring organizations. All applications shall be sent directly to the organization that you are interested in. We only provide updated information about vacancies.

Why can I not see all countries in the scroll list in the Search Jobs section?

You can only see the countries where there are current vacancies, so if you cannot find a specific country, that means that there are no vacancies in that country right now.

Is Impactpool a UN organization?

No, we are an independent organization not affiliated to the United Nations, but to develop our services we have worked closely with HR professionals with previous expertise both from the UN system and International organizations. We also work in close partnership with many United Nations organizations. Read more about us.

Can you give me contacts at different organizations that I can talk to?

As we are covering so many organizations we cannot provide that service. Please go through the organization's’ website to find contact information.

What is your newsletter?

If you join our newslist you will receive updated information about what’s going on in the international career arena and be the first to get relevant updates on our services. Join our newslist!

Can I get an email with jobs suitable for my profile?

Yes you can, just register a complete profile for free and we will send you weekly job alerts. Register your profile today!

What is the best way to search for jobs?

While using our search engine you can make two types of search – Free text search and Filtered search. In this guide we give you some tips to enhance your search results and explain what the different filters are.

For organizations

What kind of services do INTALMA/Impactpool offer to organizations?

We have different ways of supporting organizations with Talent Outreach and Talent Acquisition. Read more about these offers. If you directly want to get in contact with one of our representatives, then please send us an email.

How do I post a job at Impactpool?

Please click here if you would like to post jobs at Impactpool.