New model tailored for startups

Increased value of the Free posting on Impactpool

We have changed our business model to improve our offering to social startups, social entrepreneurs and smaller impact organisations. To fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) this is an increasingly important audience and we make a strategic change to lead the matching of the world’s best talents to the best ideas for our future.

Since we launched the free posting option in January over 600 impact organisations have started to use our services. The free posting has become very popular for organisations that have not worked with us before as a way of trying us out. It has also opened up for impact organisations that choose not to, or are not able to, invest in outreach to qualified candidates. 

Now, 10 months later we are doing some revisions to the free offer, making it even more valuable for social startups, social entrepreneurs and smaller impact organisations.

Why are we doing this?

For us, it is crucial to make an Impact and we are eager to support smaller and more agile impact organisations to fulfil their talent sourcing goals! The previous free posting was an entry-level service with limited candidate reach. The free posting did NOT include matching by our AI system to qualified candidates, it was NOT included in job alerts  and it was NOT highlighted on Impactpool. It was also only accessible to talents logged in to their Impactpool profile.

This meant that organisations that posted with us with hope and expectation to reach and attract some of the 450 000 qualified candidates in our pool and 500 000 monthly visitors, only received a fraction of the potential.

To provide such high value even on free postings we have been forced to change our model. This model is especially  beneficial for social startups, social entrepreneurs and smaller impact organisations. When you previously had to post and pay $349 to get the above matching and reach, you will now benefit from this for free. To be able to sustain this model and provide a high value without cost, we are limiting the number of free vacancies to 1 free post per 30 days.

For larger impact enterprises and organisations who have several jobs per month, we recommend our partnership service which allows you to post multiple jobs at a fixed rate, starting from $99 per month.