Social Impact Careers toolkit for Students of Top Universities

According to PWC, 83% of the world’s Master’s Students are prepared to take a 15% pay cut to have a meaningful and impactful career.  Students and alumni around the world dream of working to make a positive social impact, but very few outside of this sector know how to approach this sector and create a career in this space.

The Premise

Although a large number of students nurture this dream, very few Universities have the knowledge in-house to guide them effectively towards their career goals. A quick search through Quora, using key words international development or social impact shows questions about developing a career in these sectors as the most frequently asked questions.  With this in mind, in early 2018 Impactpool launched the Impactpool Academic Partnership Program (IAPP).

The Promise

The program supports Universities with capacity building in the area of social impact careers and guides students towards their career goals. The ability of this program to deliver on both these counts is due to the following strengths.

First -   Our extensive network of organizations for whom we continue to successfully deliver an increasing number of services catering to their recruitment needs. These services extend to unique organizational needs, such as building specific category applicant pools and targeted sourcing to improve gender parity.

Second -  The breadth and depth of our sector knowledge. We have in-house knowledge to support and guide students to a career in all types of organizations from Multilateral Organizations, to Financial Institutions, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, to Government, Bilateral organizations and Social enterprises. Our knowledge is transferred to students and potential candidates through our blogs, webinars, e-books, articles and coaching sessions which are meticulously developed and curated by our in-house content team. 

Third – Our unique search algorithm. The technical team forms the backbone of our organization as they constantly work to ensure the most deserving candidates are presented with exciting development career opportunities based on their skills, experience, education and interests.

The Pursuit

Our pursuit of this goal is in line with our vision that the social impact and development sector, needs to be connected through a platform which facilitates inclusion of a diverse range of talents for a diverse range of impact driven organizations. Talents are born every minute but academic institutions are where such talents are honed to create positive change makers. Hence, we see academic institutions with a social impact vision as an essential part of our dream of a well-integrated impact sector.    

What will the University get as a partner?

  1. Acceptance to the program of all eligible students / alumni

  2. Access to more than 800 articles on career content

  3. Access to all career webinars, news and news letters

  4. Access to all online learning material such as e-books and guides

  5. Access to our specially tailored 500 interview questions page

  6. Streamlined matching of students/alumni to job opportunities. At any point we have a minimum of 1750 jobs on our site.

  7. Students in the middle of their education can be matched to international internships opportunities that would strengthen their resume and prepare them for an international development career

  8. Visibility amongst social impact organizations for the University’s unique programs relevant to this sector

How to get my University enrolled into the programme?

The programme is targeting Top-Universities around the world and each University will be screened before enrolment. There is no guarantee that your University will be selected, in the screening we look at international and national ranking, certifications but also on diversity among your students and alumni. If you are interested to learn more about the programme and the application processes, please  Contact us and one of our colleagues will come back to you shortly with more information.


If you want to learn more - Download our pamphlet, to get more information about the International Academic Partnership Programme.