How Impactpool's clients use CV parsing to improve the candidate experience?

Bureaucratic application processes fosters bureaucrats, not innovators

For many years innovation has been one of the new core skills to identify in new staff recruited. "innovation" refers to something new, creative, and original. Implying the introduction of a product/service with transformational powers.

If your job ad attracts someone with these skills, she must lose all hope when getting to fill in your application forms. In many organizations, the application forms are extremely cumbersome and bureaucratic and bureaucracy fosters bureaucrats, not innovators.

Attracting highly innovative candidates to international organizations starts already at the candidate gateway. The introduction of CV parsing is a step towards happier and more innovative candidates. A CV parser uses modern and innovative technology to parse and limit the application fields that a candidate must fill out manually.

What is a CV parser?

A CV parser is a software that automatically extracts data from a candidate's uploaded resume or CV and populates it into the application form saving the candidate time and ensuring complete application data for you as a recruiter.

The Impactpool CV parser uses algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the candidate's name, contact details, education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

Impactpool's algorithm also understands Impact-related grades, job titles, and expertise areas better than any other recruitment software in the world.

The below photo shows the matching results for the title of Climate Mitigation Specialist. For a recruiter using our talent pool management tool, a candidate with that title will be found in the Environment, as well as Climate change and Meteorology filters.

You can test Impactpool's title-matching algorithm yourself by adding a title to the field following this link.

How does the Impactpool CV parser look like and work?

Impactpool's CV parser is integrated to all candidate phasing processes. It is used when a candidate signs up for a matched job alert, for a talent pool, applies for a job at a client using Impactpool Recruit and more.

IOM uses Impactpool for the Ukraine recruitment and they can see great results of the eased application process.

This is reflected in the overall quality of the candidates, which has increased since the adoption of this tool." Veronica Pessaro, Human Resources officer at IOM

The Impactpool CV parser is available on the first screen when the candidates have created an account or applying for a job (see screen capture below highlighted with an orange arrow).

By clicking the Import CV button, you will get into a new screen where you (1) can select what resume from your files to upload and then (2) start the parsing.

The next photo shows the results. In one click the algorithm has extracted name, adress, phone numbers, nationality.

It has also included all the educations and work experiences.

As a candidate you can choose to use the parsed CV (by clicking Import) or cancel to fill in the application manually.

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