Are you actively sourcing talents

or are you just sitting back and waiting for talents to find you?

In too many International Organizations, talent acquisition starts with a job posting. Where does it start in your organization? Many recruitment units get job advertisements under extreme pressure that must be posted now, now, now! Remember the message of this article the next time you are pushed by a client. By just investing five minutes on the right things, you can save weeks of re-advertisement and costs of low delivery.

Most organizations have the same talent sourcing challenges, and yet most recruitment processes still start with a job posting.

This is happening in an environment where many organizations don’t get enough qualified candidates or not the candidates they want to reach, to visit their career site. Most organizations are facing the same challenge: a static pool of talent. The same applicants return to the career site repeatedly, applying again and again for the jobs advertised.

Many organizations need better ways to access fresh networks and arenas where new talents can be found. What is missing? Take five minutes. It does not have to be more before you post a job, spend five minutes to reflect on strategic sourcing of candidates and outreach.

By starting the process with a sourcing plan and not the job posting, you will dramatically increase the chances of successful recruitment. This plan can be made in five minutes and should answer the following questions: 

  • What is the objective of this recruitment? Is it to find one talent,  five talents, or to build a whole talent pool?

  • What type of talent(s) are you looking for regarding expertise, education, language, nationality, and gender? Does the profile exist, or do you need to work with the list of requirements to make it a realistic profile?

  • Where can your potential talent(s) be found? Where is this profile engaged, networks, social networks, conferences?

  • How can you best reach out to the talents? social sourcing, executive search, targeted ads, etc? 


Today many organizations limit their pool of talents to the applicants that regularly visit their career site. They jump the outreach part and just hope that suitable, experienced candidates will somehow find them and the job posting. They just sit back and wait for the talents to find them.

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